Vol.20 1 Spring / 17
  • Game Over for Video Game Pirates
  • A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence in Canada
  • Could you be liable for passing off by buying your competitor’s trademark as an AdWord on Google?
  • Industrial Designs: Update on the practice in Canada.
  • Five New Professionnals Join ROBIC
  • ROBIC's 5th Anniversary in Quebec City
  • ROBIC News
  • Legal News

  Vol.19 3 Spring / 16
  • The Presence of French on Public Signage in Quebec
  • A Bright but Perilous Future for the Tech-Wearing Human
  • Tax Breaks for Innovative Companies !
  • Two New Professionnals Join the ROBIC team
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.19 2 Winter / 16
  • Me Vincent Bergeron : 2015 Young Business Personality of the Year
  • The "First Patent Program" : A Great Start for Protecting Your Innovation
  • US Fair Use in the Age of YouTube
  • Three New Professionnals Join ROBIC
  • Cover Up the Data that I Must Not See!
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.19 1 Fall / 15
  • Welcome to Equity Crowdfunding !
  • LinkedIn: To Be or Not to Be Linked, That is the Question
  • Getting the Most Out of a Patent: Law on Post Expiration Royalties
  • Not All Bikes Are Born Equal
  • Four new Professionnals Join ROBIC
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News
  • Language requirements in Quebec: A few rules to keep in mind
  • Impact of the decision involving the Best Buy, Costco, Wal-Mart (et al.) trade-marks

  Vol.18 4 Spring / 15
  • Katy Perry’s Left Shark: Attempting to profit from a Viral Phenomenon
  • The Dunkin’ Donuts case: doughnuts and coffee for 11 million $
  • Businesses allowed to display their English-only registered trademarks in Quebec - at least for now...
  • Crowdfunding: A Great Way to… Jeopardize your Intellectual Property
  • Is your medical treatment claim more patentable now? Hint: A little
  • Appointment of Vincent Bergeron as a Partner
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.18 3 Winter / 15
  • Thinking of terminating a verbal (franchise) agreement?
  • Warning to All Pirates: Check Your Mailbox!
  • How About Crowdfunding?
  • Sale of a Patent at a Loss: Is It Deductible?
  • Canada-EU: Free Trade Must Be Secure Trade
  • Three New Professionnals Join ROBIC
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.18 2 Fall / 14
  • Overhaul of Trademark Regime in Canada
  • Curves and Énergie Cardio: an (Un)healthy Competition?
  • Exclusivity Clauses and Free Trade
  • How to Accelerate a Canadian Patent Application?
  • Three New Professionnals Join ROBIC
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.18 1 Summer / 14
  • Tesla Motors: Copy Us if You Want!
  • Do You Own Your #hashtags?
  • Be Still My Heart: US Supreme Court Clarifies the Burden of Proof in Infringement Suits
  • What is the Value of a Non-Competition Clause?
  • David J. Langlois Joins ROBIC's Patent Team
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.17 4 Spring / 14
  • The Public Display of a Trade-mark in English Only is Permitted in Quebec
  • Illegal Downloading: the Wild West Comes to an End
  • A Hard Muffin to Swallow!
  • A Pyramid no Longer ''in Motion''
  • First Patent Program: A Boost for SMEs in Quebec
  • Are You Affected by the New Act on Public Contracts?
  • Appointment of Dominique Nolet as a Partner
  • Two New Professionnals Join ROBIC
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.17 3 Winter / 14
  • What You Don't Know About Mario Bros. and Copyright
  • Bell Helicopter: Punitive Damages Do Fly!
  • The 6 IP Elements You Need to Know About the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
  • Why You Should Submit Your Trademark Records to the Trademark Clearinghouse
  • How to Benefit from the Collaboration between ROBIC and Quebec International
  • Tanya Girard Joins ROBIC's Patent Team
  • KNOCK-OUT Organized by AmorChem
  • Patrice Brisindi Completes his Ironman in 9 Hours and 50 Minutes
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.17 2 Fall / 13
  • 3D Printing: Intellectual Property Right Holders Beware!
  • Renewed Confidence for the Patentability of Software Innovations in Canada
  • Isolating Genes is no Longer Sufficient to Get a Patent in the United States
  • ROBIC Proudly Presents AmorChem's KNOCK-OUT Event
  • Three New Professionals Join ROBIC
  • Best Lawyers 2014 - Two Lawyers of the Year are from ROBIC
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.17 1 Summer / 13
  • Fighting Counterfeiting: Photon Etc. and the University of Montreal Develop Technology for Molecular Signature
  • A Tennessee Whiskey Distillery Protects its Trademarks Effectively without Leaving any Aftertaste
  • Are you Master of Your Domain?
  • ROBIC Welcomes Patent Agent Nancy Barriault and Lawyer Sarah Ismert to its Team
  • Catherine Bergeron Named Partner of the Firm
  • Hugues G. Richard Honored by Canadian Bar Association
  • ROBIC Authors International Article on Patents
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.16 4 Winter / 13
  • The Protection of Icons and Interfaces by Industrial Design
  • Copyright and Trade-mark Protection of Fictional Products: Why Can’t I Sell You a Nice Cold Mug of Duff Beer?
  • Bottoms Up ! Brewing Company Successfully Opposes Serial Filer's Bid to Register Heineken Mark in Canada
  • Nothing Rides Like a Ski-DooTM
  • ROBIC's Conference on Trademarks: A Greatly Appreciated Initiative
  • Recognized by Our Peers
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.16 3 Fall / 12
  • From 1892 to 2012 - 120 Years of Excellence
  • Viagra™'s Patent Invalidated by the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Apple versus Samsung: A Patent War of Titanic Proportions
  • Canadian Copyright Modernization Act: New Rights and Rules
  • Rock, Pizza and Power Tools: A Song on How to Use Musical Works in Advertising
  • Lessons for Licensors: Keep your Brand Fresh
  • Philip Conrad Joins ROBIC's Patent Team as Senior Counsel
  • Dominique Nolet Finishes First on National Patent Agent Exam
  • François M. Grenier Inducted into the Litigation Counsel of America
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.16 2 Summer / 12
  • Planning a Wedding? Don’t forget to Invite the Copyright Board of Canada
  • No Summer Holiday for the Supreme Court with Five Copyright Decisions
  • Registering your Trade-mark... Something to Think About
  • Recent Guidance on the Criteria for Originality in Canadian Industrial Designs
  • David Chapdelaine Miller Joins ROBIC's Québec City Office
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.16 1 Spring / 12
  • Make Some Noise: Canadian Intellectual Property Office to Accept Sound Marks
  • Trouble in the Skies? Bell Helicopter to Pay Punitive Damages
  • Double Fault for Stepping over the Line: A Simple Game of Transnational Patent Litigation
  • Gabrielle Moisan and Danièle Éthier Appointed as Partners of the Firm
  • Vanessa Udy Joins ROBIC's Business Law Team
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.15 4 Winter / 12
  • Amazon's Patent: the Last Click
  • Caught in The Hurt Locker: Illegal Downloaders to Pay Up
  • No Double-Dipping in Patents
  • ROBIC's Conference on Patents: A Great Success
  • Jean-François Journault Joins ROBIC's Québec Team
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.15 3 Fall / 11
  • One-click? Not so Fast – Goes Back to the Patent Office
  • ROBIC Launches its New Website
  • Patents: Major Changes in the United States
  • More to Food Labelling than Meets the Eye
  • ROBIC Celebrates the Official Opening of its Office in Quebec City
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.15 2 Summer / 11
  • Trademarks and Social Media: Enforcing Your Rights Without Alienating Your Customers
  • Supreme Court's Latest Trademark Decision: Use and File Promptly
  • No “Lack of Good Faith” Attacks After a Patent Issues
  • New Era for Domain Names
  • Copyright: Written Assignments Mandatory
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.15 1 Spring / 11
  • Fast Track for "Green" Patents
  • ROBIC Opens New Office in Quebec City
  • Adam Mizera and Jeremy Lawson Named Partners of the Firm
  • ROBIC Recognized by Managing IP Handbook, WTR 1000 and Chambers Global
  • Who Owns your Pictures? Social Networking and Unauthorized Copy
  • Anti-Spam Bill C-28: Are you Upholding the Law?
  • Financial Support for Green Technology Patents
  • The Best Trademarks : 6 Tips to Keep in Mind
  • IP Negotiations : Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Canada-EU
  • Upcoming Events
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.14 4 Winter / 11
  • IP Neutrals of Canada, the First Canadian Mediation Center Specialized in IP
  • Recognition by Our Peers
  • ROBIC Welcomes A. Sasha Mandy to its Patent Team
  • The Québec Business Corporations Act Comes into Force on February 14, 2011
  • Stand out on the Internet through Innovation and Creativity
  • Bayh-Dole 30 Years Old - Must the Government Remain the Owner of Patents Obtained as a Result of its Subsidies?
  • Trademarks in China : a Few Basic Facts Before Diving in
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.14 3 Fall / 10
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Business Methods are Patentable in Canada
  • Landmark Victory for ROBIC in a Case Concerning a “Turnkey” Agreement and Loss of Future Profits
  • François Painchaud Treasurer of Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP) Board of Governors
  • ROBIC Supports Conference Series on Innovation and Patenting
  • ROBIC Supports the 2011 FORPIQ Conference
  • An Inventor Loses his Rights; the Importance of Establishing Clear Agreements
  • Failed Attempt to Frustrate Franchisee
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.14 2 Summer / 10
  • The firm in Québec’s Top 300 of Businesses
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Bilski: Business Methods and Software still Patentable in the US
  • Proposed Modernisation of Copyright Act
  • ROBIC Unveils its Improved Client Portal
  • ROBIC Welcomes Three New Members to its Patent Team
  • Consequences in Canada of Public Disclosure of Inventions
  • ROBIC Becomes a Member of the Association of Patent Law Firms (APLF)
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.14 1 Spring / 10
  • ROBIC in the Top 10 of Intellectual Property Boutique Firms
  • François M. Grenier Inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers
  • Marie-Ève Côté Appointed Partner of the Firm
  • The Robic Leger, Canadian Trade-Marks Act Annotated celebrates 25 years of publication
  • Business Software Alliance Monitors Software Use
  • Patentability of Management Software for Fleet of Vehicles
  • Employee Inventions in Canada
  • Upcoming events
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.13 4 Winter / 10
  • François M. Grenier - 2010 Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year
  • Recognition by Our Peers
  • Robic Looking Forward in 2010
  • Three new professionals join ROBIC
  • The OLYMPIC Brand: Navigating the Legal Minefield
  • University IP Rights Management Vindicated
  • Patents: Duty of Candor in Canada?
  • Consumer Products and Public Safety
  • Upcoming Events
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.13 3 Fall / 09
  • President's Report - LES USA & Canada
  • Did Christmas Arrive Early For Licensees?
  • Court Disagrees with OQLF on Trademarks
  • Back-SLAPP!
  • New Requirements for Toxins and Human Pathogens
  • 14th ROBIC Award of Excellence in Intellectual Property
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.13 2 Summer / 09
  • Recognized by our Peers
  • Unreasonable Restrictive Covenants: No Second Chance
  •’s Business Method Not Patentable in Canada
  • False Marking in Patent Matters
  • IP in China: 10 Things to Consider
  • Charlevoix: The Land of the Lamb!
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.13 1 Spring / 09
  • Recognition by our Peers
  • LES Spring Meeting in Montreal (May 6-8, 2009)
  • Fraud in Trade-mark Law
  • Justifying Your Patent Expenses
  • Updates in Biotech Pratice at the Patent Office
  • A Green Shift
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.12 4 Winter / 08
  • François Painchaud, LES President (USA/CAN)
  • Recognized by Our Peers
  • What is Your .TEL Number?
  • 5 Tips to Better Manage Your R&D
  • Quanta vs. LGE: A Decision Concerning Licensing
  • Useful Non-Obvious News

  Vol.12 3 Fall / 08
  • Recognition by our Peers
  • Our Patent Team is Expanding!
  • Biofuels and Patents
  • Modifications to the Rules on Patented Medicines
  • Hockey Theme Song Changes Network
  • Copying House Plans
  • A Quebec Court Rules in Favour of Freelance Authors
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.12 2 Summer / 08
  • New Partner
  • New Lawyer
  • "Guitar Hero": Licensed Rights in Harmony?
  • Is Your Domain Name Safe?
  • On the Checklist for Your Next Party: Copyright Matters
  • This is not a “CROC”!
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.12 1 Winter / 08
  • 2008 Surveys: ROBIC Recognized as Being Among the Best
  • A Trade-Mark Practice is Overturned
  • The Recycling Bin Reinvented!
  • Take a Drive on the Patent Prosecution Highway!
  • Patent Fees Increase/Decrease in Europe
  • Pitfalls of Commercializing Patented Improvements
  • "Les Affaires": François Painchaud and Nathalie Jodoin
  • ROBIC Involved in Continuing Education in Trade-Marks
  • Useful and Non-Obvious News

  Vol.11 4 Fall / 07
  • An Important Appointment for our own Bob H. Sotiriadis
  • A Great Evening for the Canadian Foundation Louis Pasteur!
  • BioContact: A Well Attended Meeting
  • Erika Paape joins ROBIC as a Specialist in Software
  • Dominique Nolet joins ROBIC as a Specialist in Telecommunications and Micro-Electronics
  • A Special Protection for Olympic Marks in Anticipation of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver
  • Infringement: Louis Vuitton succeeds in its claim against Britney Spears Video Producers
  • Patent Abandonment, Death and Resurrection in Canada

  Vol.11 3 Summer / 07
  • The Best Lawyers in Canada 2008: 5 lawyers of LEGER ROBIC RICHARD, LLP make it!
  • In the Kingdom of Confusion!
  • MPs enlightened by our own Bob H. Sotiriadis
  • Trying to Define Criteria for Inventiveness of a Patent: It is not an Obvious Task

  Vol.11 2 Spring / 07
  • Important changes to the Patent Rules
  • Good news for trade-mark owners!
  • Specialized in the Field of Life Sciences, Dr. Guy Sévigny Will be Making his Mark at ROBIC!
  • Patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions in Canada
  • From “Closed Company” to “Private Issuer” – A Small Revolution for Private Businesses
  • A Decision by the US Supreme Court Makes New Combinations of Known Technologies More Difficult to Patent

  Vol.11 1 Winter / 07
  • Robic Welcomes Back Julie Larouche
  • Robic Welcomes Back Marcel Naud
  • Privileged and Confidential Information and Anton Piller Orders for Search and Seizure

  Vol.10 4 Fall / 06
  • New Guidelines on Look-alike Sound-alike Names for Health Products…
  • Legislative Overview of the Experimental Use Exception in Canada, the United States and Europe

  Vol.10 3 Summer / 06
  • The protection of famous trade-marks in Canada following the Supreme Court of Canada’s decisions in Mattel and Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

  Vol.10 2 Spring / 06
  • Re-examination and Impeachment: Two Ways to Oppose a Patent after it has been Issued
  • Before filing a new application for an already registered trade-mark…

  Vol.10 1 Winter / 06
  • Expertise of members of ROBIC recognized by their peers
  • Important Notice: Relief for Dutch Industries Sufferers
  • What a Difference the Use of a Trade-Mark Makes

  Vol.9 4 Fall / 05
  • Looking at references
  • Employees Should Acknowledge Receipt Of The Employer's Stock Option Plan When Receiving Their Options

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