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Game Over for Video Game Pirates

In a precedent-setting decision, the Federal Court awarded damages totalling $12,760,000 for the circumvention of technical protection measures (TPMs) and for copyright infringement. This marks the first case in which a court has substantively considered TPM circumvention provisions in the Canadian Copyright Act since they entered into force in 2012.

A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence in Canada

Modern Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is poised to take over human jobs in various sectors. Should artists and inventors be worried? How might Intellectual Property (“IP”) generated using AI be handled in the current Canadian legal framework?

Could you be liable for passing off by buying your competitor’s trademark as an AdWord on Google?

On January 26, 2017, the Court of Appeal for British Columbia (BCCA) overturned a lower court decision relating to passing off and official marks in the context of search engine keyword advertisements. The BCCA clarified that the moment for assessing confusion in a passing off action is upon a searcher’s first encounter with Internet search results, and reasserted that purchasing a competitor’s trademark as a keyword for search engine advertisements is not itself sufficient to establish passing off.  ›››

Industrial Designs: Update on the practice in Canada.

Last January 16th, the Industrial Design Office, part of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter referred to as "CIPO"), issued six official practice notices (hereinafter referred to as "Notices"), to bring forth certain changes to Canadian practice.

Five New Professionnals Join ROBIC

ROBIC is happy to introduce its five new professionals who joined the team in our Montreal and Quebec offices.  ›››
ROBIC's 5th Anniversary in Quebec City

Many attendees at ROBIC's 5 years cocktail in Quebec City! ›››

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